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Locksmith Düsseldorf

LS Schlüsseldienst Düsseldorf is 24/7
fast & cheap on site

There are many reasons why you are standing in front of your locked apartment door. The key is stuck inside, it has broken off or has been lost. Or the key for your car can't be found. Mishaps that your locksmith Düsseldorf quickly fixes for you. We are there for you 24 hours and 7 days a week and open your apartment or car door professionally and at fair as well as reasonable prices - Call us!

How much does the Düsseldorf locksmith cost?

Monday - SaturdayPrice
08:00 - 20:00 79,00€*
20:00 - 08:00 139,00€* (Night fare)
Sunday & HolidayPrice
08:00 - 20:00 99,00€*
20:00 - 08:00 169,00€* (Night fare)

* incl. travel costs and 19% sales tax
* Prices apply to the opening of closed, unlocked doors.


Als erfahrener Schlüsseldienst sind wir auf die professionelle Öffnung verschiedenster Eingangstüren spezialisiert. Wir sind für unsere Kunden da, wenn unsere Hilfe erforderlich ist.
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Ist Ihre Tür nur ins Schloss gefallen oder versperrt und der Schlüssel abgebrochen? Wir öffnen Ihre Wohnungstür innerhalb kurzer Zeit.
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Durch unsere jahrelange Erfahrung und fundiertes Schlosswissen sind wir Spezialisten für Reparaturen nach Aufbrüchen bzw. Aufbruch-Versuchen. Wir beraten Sie gerne ausführlich am Telefon oder vor Ort.
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Schnell ist es passiert und man hat sich aus dem Auto ausgeschlossen. Kontaktieren Sie uns bevor Sie Ihr Auto beschädigen und mehrere hunderte Euro ausgeben.
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Einbrecher kalkulieren nur wenige Minuten, um in ein Haus oder eine Wohnung einzudringen. Wir beraten Sie gerne, wie Sie sich schützen können.
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Sie benötigen einen Schlüsseldienst? Der LS Schlüsseldienst ist für Sie da!
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LS Schlüsseldienst Düsseldorf - family business with fair prices

As an independent family business, Schlüsseldienst Düsseldorf works without call centers or subcontractors. We pass on the resulting cost savings to you in the form of fairly calculated prices. These are based on the amount of work as well as the time of day and night of the required operation. You are in an emergency situation and are looking for a locksmith in your area - we will help you cost-effectively and quickly. Contact us for detailed price information or find out more about our door opening prices on our website.

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Free consultation from LS Schlüsseldienst Düsseldorf

We attach great importance to high professionalism. Therefore, not only the quality of our services, but also the free consultation about our service portfolio has a high priority. Call us and we will inform you immediately about the required services and the following steps. Of course, we will also advise you without an acute emergency. This way, you already know in advance who you can reliably trust in case of an emergency.

Transparent prices at LS Schlüsseldienst Düsseldorf

Transparency is important to us as a locksmith Düsseldorf. This applies to our services as well as to our pricing. Therefore, we present all costs for services rendered or planned as well as any material costs incurred in an easily comprehensible way for you. In each of our offers and in all invoices you can see at a glance how the costs are composed in detail.

Fixed price offer - No hidden costs

LS Schlüsselnotdienst Düsseldorf focuses on fair and reasonable prices. Therefore, unfair hidden costs are taboo for us. All our fixed price offers already include the travel costs and VAT. Before we start with our work, we inform you in detail about the offer and the included services. If you agree, we start with our work.

Call us and benefit from our top price-performance ratio.

Damage-free door opening by LS Schlüsseldienst Düsseldorf

As a locksmith Düsseldorf and locksmith Wuppertal we have many years of experience and know-how in opening a wide variety of doors. Of course, we want to save you further costs and ensure a damage-free door opening in Düsseldorf. Whether your entrance door is only closed or locked: With our high-quality special tools and comprehensive expertise, we open doors with the utmost care and take care not to cause any additional damage. Whatever door needs to be opened: We are your reliable and professional partner who is there for you when you need us. Contact us via our emergency number and within a short time we will be on site.

Safe opening by LS Schlüsseldienst Düsseldorf

You have forgotten the number combination required for your safe and urgently need important documents or other things from your safe? Also then the locksmith Düsseldorf is your trustworthy partner. With extensive experience, know-how and special tools, we will open your safe quickly and without damage. Find out more about our Safe opening service and fair prices and give us a call.

Car opening by LS Schlüsseldienst Düsseldorf

Your key is in the car and the automatic lock has locked you out? Then the locksmith Düsseldorf is your reliable partner. We will open your car for you quickly, inexpensively and without damage and within a short time you will be ready to go again. Call us and we will make you an inexpensive offer by phone or e-mail.

Frequently asked questions:

You can recognise dubious providers by their refusal to quote binding prices for the requested service over the phone. A lack of price lists for orientation on the website is also not a good sign. This also applies to particularly low prices that do not indicate whether all travel and labour costs are included.

The journey time depends on the general workload of our employees, as well as the distance from our employee's current location to your address. But in any situation, our staff will make every effort to help you as quickly as possible at any time of the day or night.

The costs for the services of the locksmith in Düsseldorf are deposited on our website. As a family business, we offer our customers fair and reasonable fixed prices, including taxes and travel costs. After the order has been fulfilled, you will receive an invoice in which all services are listed in detail and comprehensible for you.

When we open doors, safes or cars for you, we naturally want to know whether you are actually authorized to do so. Therefore, we check your identity via your identity card before we start the work. In the case of car openings, we use the vehicle registration document to check whether you are the vehicle owner. This measure serves your personal safety.

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LS Schlüsseldienst Düsseldorf
  • Fast & cheap on site
  • Family business with fair prices
  • Fixed price offer - No hidden costs
  • Damage free door opening
  • Free consultation
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