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Burglary protection Düsseldorf

Burglary protection Düsseldorf - professional advice for more safety

The comparative figures for residential burglaries in recent years show how effective burglary protection is in Düsseldorf. While there were 1,235 burglaries in 2018, the police recorded 4.78 percent fewer burglaries in 2019 with 1,176 cases. Nationwide, there were 10 % fewer burglaries in 2019 compared to the previous year, with 87,145 residential burglaries. 45% failed in 2019 due to improved security measures, compared to just over 30% in 2009. All these figures show how effective targeted precautions for more security are.

Protect your property through targeted measures and contact us for a consultation.

Burglary protection Düsseldorf for windows and doors

Burglars calculate a very short period of time to break into a house or flat. If doors or windows cannot be opened within this period, they usually abandon the attempt. Unfortunately, many windows and doors as main points of attack are often still not sufficiently secured. Often, even a simple screwdriver is enough to gain access via the flat door within a few seconds. But tilted windows or patio doors are also a popular target for burglars.

Get comprehensive information about reliable burglary protection in Düsseldorf and let the experts advise you.

Burglary protection in Düsseldorf for retrofitting

Every flat door and every window can be retrofitted with reliable security technology. Modern door locks offer very good burglary protection in Düsseldorf. Provided that the entrance door meets the necessary security requirements. Windows can be secured with special security devices suitable for retrofitting. Alarm systems and video cameras make a further contribution to burglary protection in Düsseldorf.

We advise you in detail about the different options and which measures you ideally combine. Contact us and arrange a non-binding consultation appointment.

Reliable burglary protection for Düsseldorf requires security analysis

Equipping your flat or house with suitable security technology requires a precise assessment of the current situation in advance. For reliable burglary protection in Düsseldorf, it is indispensable that the individual components are coordinated with each other. After all, there is little point in installing a high-performance security lock if burglars can easily lever out the lightweight flat door. This also applies to all other means of access from the cellar window to the patio door.

We match the required security technology to the current situation and thus ensure the highest possible level of burglary protection in Düsseldorf. Call us or arrange your consultation appointment with our experts by e-mail. We are here for you.

Frequently asked questions:

Tilted windows, open flat doors or temporarily visibly unoccupied family homes have a high attraction for burglars. Freely available dustbins and ladders invite burglars to enter the flat via balconies. Unsecured cellar windows in freely accessible shafts pose a further risk, as cellar windows are often tilted unprotected.

An alarm system definitely has a deterrent effect, as it is often a difficult risk for a burglar to assess. If the alarm system is additionally combined with a silent alarm and notification to a security service, burglars have little chance of success. We would be happy to advise you on the advantages of an alarm system.

Burglar-resistant entrance doors with secure locking cylinders, appropriate windows and patio doors should be the minimum standard for every flat and house. In addition, there are other measures such as lockable window handles. It is important that the existing security technology is coordinated and all weak points are eliminated. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with us.

The ideal combination is the use of burglar-resistant glass and correspondingly secure door frames with security locking. Equip the patio door additionally with a lockable door handle as additional burglary protection. But a hinge safety device or special locking mechanisms also offer additional protection. We will be happy to advise you on your options for more security.

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