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Car opening in Düsseldorf

You can lock yourself out anywhere. Even from the car! It can happen very quickly, car key misplaced, broken, or you got out, slammed the door and now you are standing there. Before you damage your car and spend several hundred euros. Call us, the locksmith from Düsseldorf, and you will do everything right. Don't worry about your car or your wallet. Because we work with transparent and fair prices. We open without damage and at a reasonable price.
We use the most modern door opening methods and can open all types of vehicles.

Frequently asked questions:

We open vehicles of all makes and models. Special tools and techniques enable us to open your vehicle safely and without damage within a short time. For safety reasons, however, we already ask for the make and model of your vehicle when you call.

Vehicles equipped with Keyless Go have a mechanical emergency lock on at least one door so that it can be opened with an emergency key if necessary. You will receive this key when you purchase the vehicle. For this reason, it is possible for us as a locksmith to open cars with Keyless Go without any problems.

Even cars with central locking can be opened by our specialized employees within a short time. We are just as specialized in this as in other locking mechanisms, as there are hardly any vehicles without central locking any more. As with all car openings, this procedure is also damage-free.

The opening of your car is done with the utmost care and, of course, without damage. Since we use special tools for the car opening and have extensive experience in opening car doors, neither the car lock nor the vehicle will be damaged during this process.

The opening of your vehicle depends on the effort required to open the car. This is because there are sometimes significant differences due to the different locking mechanisms. However, we will be happy to inform you about the exact price before commissioning the work and after we have been informed about the vehicle model.

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